Centerburg EAA meeting this week

Please plan to attend EAA Chapter 233's meeting this Thursday evening, 6 p.m., at the Centerburg Airport. It will be one of our best meetings of the year and will be about "Experimental Homebuilt & Light Sport Aircraft Best Practices." Subjects for the evening will be: "Preventative Maintenance," Winter Operations & Storage," Do's and Don'ts of Hand Propping," and "Who can Maintain and Inspect Your Aircraft."
This is a FAA FAASTEAM event and you can register at:
However, it is not a requirement to register for this meeting.
There will be several knowledgeable speakers for the evening including Mark Harden from the FAA, Bill See CFI & DPE, Jeff Guy and Andy Humphrey (Stewart Covering System). There will be refreshments served during the event.
Let me or Bill See (740-971-3001) or me know if you have any questions.
Bob Jenkins