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  FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

A scheduled seminar meeting your notification preferences has had some changes. Below is a brief description of the modified seminar:

"See Revised Meeting Date / Pilot Essentials - The Lost Episode"
Topic: Weather Briefings
On Wednesday October 11, 2017 at 18:30 Eastern Daylight Time
Delaware Airport - Airspace Place Condo Hangar Meeting Room
1075 Pittsburgh Dr.
Airspace Place Condo Hangar
Delaware, OH 43015


Come to this Wings event and hear from "State Tower"  Air Traffic Manager Deral Carson on four subjects--the ones we all want to ask about but tend to dismiss.  

  • Pilot/Controller Communication:  Less hearsay; more facts.  There's lots of myths and mysteries floating around about pilot/controller communication.  This section will arm pilots with exactly what the rules say
  • Working with ATC: Every pilot wants to be successful working in and out of control towered airports.  This short section will help pilots be just that--successful.
  • Pilot Weather Briefings:  Old school or new method?  Both are great, but come learn why old school just might still reign supreme.
  • Weather: Finally, we'll look at weather from an ATC point of view.  Learn about how ATC can work in concert with pilots.  The mix can actually save lives.  Come learn how (and there just might be a few good stories).  

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The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) is committed to providing equal access to this meeting/event for all participants. If you need alternative formats or services because of a disability, please communicate your request as soon as possible with the person in the "Contact Information" area of the meeting/event notice. Note that two weeks is usually required to arrange services.