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Upcoming airport maintenance

Airport tenants and users,
Friday 9/1 was the pre-construction meeting for the upcoming taxiway (A) mill and pavement overlay  project. The project will begin Friday 9/8 with the construction drive and equipment laydown area being establish. Taxiway (A) from the main ramp to runway 10 will be closed Monday morning 9/11 for 30 days. There may be one total runway closure day yet to be determined. When that closure day is decided everyone will be updated immediately.
Per the previous email sent in May, during the time taxiway (A) from the main ramp to runway 10 is closed it will be necessary to back taxi to taxiway (C) when landing runway 28 and back taxi on the runway when departing runway 10. see attachment Also during the closure the only access to and from the runway will be at the main ramp.  
Additionally there are several “punch out” items from last year’s project that need to be addressed that will be performed starting the week of 9/11 as well. During this period the section of taxiway (A) from (C) to runway 28 will be closed and taxiway (C) will be the only access to and from the runway and back taxing will be necessary landing or departing runway 10 or runway 28. This section of taxiway (A) will be scheduled to re-open at the end of the day 9/15.
As always these dates are weather dependent and I will keep everyone updated with any pertinent information as it is made available to me.
If you should have any question please contact me directly.


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