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MERFI 2017

There were some interesting aircraft at MERFI (Urbana) this year. Here are a few that caught my eye.

This is the cockpit of the "New Standard D-25" that was giving passenger rides around the area. What looks like double rudder pedals
are in fact rudder pedals (outer) and brake pedals (inner). There is a lot of aluminum angle in the construction of the a/c. Unusual for

The front cockpit is huge and seats four people in two rows. No wonder the D-25 was so loved by barnstormers. A decent one goes for
$250,000+ these days.

This side-by-side autogyro had a lot of sophisticated technology and was beautifully finished.

The trim system, however, would be more at home on a sailboat.

This is a Sopwith Pup replica. It is not one of the Airdrome Aircraft kits though. It was built from original drawings and is quite faithful to the
1916 model. The engine is a VW with a reduction unit It drives an 8ft prop, again like the original.

And finally, an absolutely gorgeous Great Lakes. This one is not a 1970s 2T-1A, but a 1930s original. It started life powered by an
in-line Cirrus "high drive" engine, but later received a Lycoming O-360.

The aircraft was restored by Paul Workman of Vintage Aircraft Restoration at the Zanesville/Parr airport.