Experimental Aircraft Association

No matter what aviation means to you, this is your year-round home for aviation! Read more . .

Young Eagles

Founded in 1992, the Young Eagles program provides youths ages 8–17 with their first free ride in an airplane. Read more . .

Pancake Breakfasts

During the summer months, chapter 1600 hosts a Saturday morning pancake breakfast. Read more . .

Membership Meetings

The chapter holds an evening meeting with presentations, talks or demonstrations. Read more . .

Upcoming events

Several new events have been added to the calendar (Click the "Events" menu item above) and there is something of interest almost every weekend between now and October.

The "Red Stewart" Tail-dragger fly-in, and the "My Place fly-in in Cardington are particularly noteworthy. Both are "not to be missed" events.

Joe, Lynn and the other volunteers put on one of the best fly-ins anywhere. Be sure to fly in!