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Next Young Eagles event

It's that time again.   Our next Young Eagles event is on July 15th. 
We'll need both pilot and ground volunteers. 
We need four to five pilots.  Both four and two seaters work. 
We need two ground volunteers that can start at 7:30 to manage ramp and ground parking.  
We need four ground volunteers that can start at 8am setting up the canopy and tables. 
You don't have to be an EAA member or  take the youth protection training to work a ground position, although it's preferable. 
We need several more ground volunteers that can start at 8:30.
Ground briefing starts at 8:30. 
Pilot briefing starts at 8:45. 
Pilots please have your aircraft on the ramp at 8:00.  That will give you plenty of time to grab breakfast before the briefing.