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Taxiway A mill and overlay project

Airport tenants and users,

This fall the remaining portion of taxiway (A) from the main ramp to the west (runway 10) will be milled, overlaid with new pavement and repainted. This section of taxiway (A) and taxiway (B) will be closed for the duration of this project. During this time when landing runway 28 it will be necessary to back taxi to taxiway (C) to access the main ramp and hangar areas as well as back taxing on the runway when departing on runway 10. (see attachment)

The runway will be closed for one day during construction as access to the runway from the main ramp will not be possible when the section of taxiway (A) closest to the main ramp is milled and replaced. 

The entire project is expected to take 30 days (weather dependent) and we anticipate the inconvenience will be minimal, unfortunately at this point the only date that is firm for this project is the bid close date of July 1. I will continue providing updates as this process moves forward and more information becomes available.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.    

Kevin Piatt
Operations Manager
Delaware Municipal Airport
1075 Pittsburgh Drive
Delaware Ohio 43015