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Oshkosh Leadership Seminar

As George Mellen and I are newly minted officers of our local EAA chapter, we felt it would be a good idea to get some direction from the National organization, headquartered in Oshkosh, WI. As it turned out they were having a leadership seminar, in Oshkosh, in early February, and had slots available.

I know, Oshkosh in February.  Yes it was cold, but the weather was the only thing that had a chill to it.  The objective was not only to learn from the National Organization, but also to learn and share experiences from other chapters across the country.  In that regard, I would have to say it was a success.

EAA put on a good seminar.  It was the largest one of this type that had put on, with almost 50 people in attendance.  Lodging and meals where proved at the Bunk House on premises. Seminars where held at headquarters.  A private tour of the museum along with an excursion to Sonex was provided.  All Free. We just had to get up there.

All of the other groups appeared to be in similar situations.  No one had run for office, just kind of found themselves in office.  Issues existed around revitalizing their respective chapters with activities and how to get new members into the fold.  Everyone there showed a passion for flying and sharing experiences.  That is probably why each of them was in the positions they got “elected” to.

EAA did a good job of providing the forum to bring the group together.  The topics presented gave us a good understanding of what is out there and how to make sure we are protected as a group.  Lists of resources were provided that I’m sure we will be utilizing.  Some of which I know George and I have used already.  The overall feeling conveyed was that they were genuinely there to help and support the chapters.  Would I go back again? Yes.  Just not in February.